Who is the Center for Disability Access?

The Center for Disability Access is one of the top Filers of ADA Lawsuits in California

The Center for Disability Access is a large law firm based in San Diego. The firm is very well known for suing small businesses and property owners through the State of California for ADA violations. In fact, the Center for Disability Access is one of the top filers of ADA lawsuits in California.

The Center for Disability Access sues businesses all over California. San Diego, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Sacramento are frequent targets of these lawsuits. The firm utilizes a group of professional ADA plaintiffs to file these lawsuits. Keep reading to learn more.

The Best Defense is Good Offense

The best defense against an ADA lawsuit is to ensure that your business meets current statutory requirements. I can help refer you to an architect or other compliance professional to evaluate your current accessibility situation.

A modest amount of money spent on preventative measures could save you thousands down the road.

The Center for Disability Access is one of the Most Prolific ADA Litigants in California

My office analyzed all federal ADA lawsuits filed in 2016 in California. In fact, we were able to find over 2,500 ADA access cases filed in 2016 alone.

The Center for Disability Access is responsible for over 700 ADA lawsuits in 2016. This is over 25% of the total ADA cases filed that year!

Make no mistake, the Center for Disability Access knows what they are doing. Good or bad, they have a system in place to target non-compliant businesses.

ADA lawsuits are big business for plaintiff’s firms like the Center for Disability Access. Until the California Legislature takes meaningful action to reform our laws, these lawsuits will continue unabated.


Average number of new ADA lawsuits filed each and every month in California.

What to do if you are Sued by the Center for Disability Access

If you are looking at this website, you are very likely on the receiving end of an ADA lawsuit.

From my experience defending these lawsuits, I can tell you that the Center for Disability Access will be demanding two things in the lawsuit: 1) an injunction requiring you to make ADA upgrades to your business or property; and 2) money damages.

Under California law, an ADA plaintiff is able to demand a $4,000 statutory penalty for each visit they made to a non-compliant business. The number of actual ADA violations does not actually matter when calculating damages.

These lawsuits are generally filed in the United States District Court. This means that defendants are parties to a federal civil rights lawsuit. These cases are very serious.

No matter how you feel about the matter, as a business owner or land owner you must take swift action to preserve your rights.

A significant number of these ADA lawsuits end up in default judgements. This means that the defendant did not respond to the lawsuit and lost automatically. A default judgement can result in liens being placed on property and adverse credit consequences.

If you are served with an ADA lawsuit, you must take immediate action. Do not ignore the summons and complaint.

Litigation Tip

Don’t settle an ADA lawsuit or demand without first talking to an attorney. Call me at (916) 333-2222 if you have been served with a lawsuit or demand.

I consult with business and property owners on ADA lawsuits nearly every single day

If you are looking for expert representation with respect to ADA lawsuits, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Common Center for Disability Access Plaintiffs

The Center for Disability Access utilizes a group of professional ADA plaintiffs. Included on their client list are some of the top ADA lawsuit filers in the entire state!

  • Scott Johnson

  • Chris Langer

  • Samuel Love

  • Shirley Lindsay

  • James Zarian

  • Daniel Lopez

  • Rafael Arroyo

  • Robert Elguezabal

  • Raul Uriarte-Limon

  • Scott Schutza

  • Samuel Zarian

  • Orland Sylve

Served with an ADA Lawsuit?

In most Federal ADA lawsuits, you have just 21 days to formally respond to lawsuit after being served. Don’t delay. Failing to respond can result in a default judgment against you. We can help.

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