ADA Lawsuits

A large part of my law practice is defending business owners and property owners in ADA litigation. My office tracks trends in the local courts to ensure that we have a real sense of what is happening in this specialized field.

To state it bluntly: we keen an eye on prominent ADA plaintiffs firms in a manner that is likely unique among defense firms. This intelligence is an important part of the practice, and it lets me share with you inside information about these lawsuits. The volume of new ADA cases that are being filed might surprise you.

Tanya Moore is an ADA Plaintiff’s Attorney in San Jose, California

I have covered Tanya Moore here on the law blog before. Ms. Moore is a very aggressive ADA plaintiff’s attorney. Ms. Moore has a very efficient system in place that churns out numerous ADA lawsuits each month.

The math is simple: the more ADA cases filed, the more money Ms. Moore and her law firm can expect to receive from defendants.

Make no mistake, Ms. Moore and her team of attorneys and paralegals are experts in this field. As a business owner, you do not want to be on the receiving end of one her her ADA lawsuits.

Tanya Moore Has Filed Over 170 Cases So Far in 2016

That’s right. As far as we can see, Tanya Moore’s law firm has filed over 170 ADA-related lawsuits this year. That’s 17 a month for those counting at home.

Ms. Moore utilizes a team of professional ADA plaintiffs in her lawsuits. Common names that we see on her new filings include Arthur Owens, Cecil Shaw, Jose Escobedo, Ronald Moore, Rachel Lobato, and Robert Kalani.

Recent Legislation Isn’t Slowing Down the Number of Filings

Over the years, the California Legislature has passed several laws intended to rein in the abuse of ADA laws throughout the state.

I can see no appreciable drop in filings related to these new laws. In fact, I would estimate that new lawsuit filings are higher than ever. Someone should ask Tanya Moore if her business has been impacted by these new laws. My guess is that she would say “no.”

Especially concerning to me is the fact that leaders in the California Legislature are keen to pat themselves on the back when they pass ADA-related reform legislation. What is left unsaid is that, notwithstanding several laws being enacted in the last few years, California business owners continue to struggle with these predatory lawsuits each and every day.

Have you been served with an ADA lawsuit or demand letter? Don’t go it alone. Please call my office at (916) 333-2222 so that I can explain how this game is played.