Disabled Parking Space

Well, it is May 7, 2019, and I feel like it is a great time to check in on another prolific ADA lawsuit filer named Brian Whitaker. By my count, he has filed over 100 ADA lawsuits so far in 2019. That is nearly one lawsuit for each day of the year so far.

Brian Whitaker is represented by a law firm called the Center for Disability Access. They also go by the name Potter Handy LLP. Brian and his attorneys are filing these ADA cases in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. The Central District covers Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, Venture County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. Basically, all of Southern California not including San Diego.

Unfortunately, there are no shortage of businesses to sue in the Central District for ADA violations. This is why I strongly recommend that business owners and landlords be proactive about ADA compliance. A simple site survey performed every year will help businesses comply with the arcane ADA rules and regulations. A good CASp inspector can be difficult to find. Many of the inspectors are booked months out due to the large volume of these ADA lawsuits. Contact my office if you need a referral to a good quality CASp inspector anywhere in California.

Remember, even small violations can result in lawsuits. Incorrect door hardware, missing parking signage, a counter a few inches too high, and faded or missing parking lot lines give people like Brian Whitaker an open door to file a lawsuit. A lot of Brian Whitaker’s lawsuits are filed over very obvious ADA violations. The classic ADA violation is the complete lack of handicap parking. While ADA inspections are not free, they certainly are less expensive than the costs associated with litigation.

The pace of these shakedown lawsuits only seems to be increasing as times goes on. Our political leaders fail and refuse to fix this broken law. The result is endless litigation clogging our federal court system. Don’t be a victim — assess your ADA compliance often to avoid these problems.

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Rick Morin

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