Handicapped Parking Only

Back in December I wrote that Tanya Moore was in the news because 60 Minutes profiled ADA lawsuit abuse all over the country. In fact, Ms. Moore’s law firm was highlighted as one of the more prolific ADA filers in California.

What happened next? You might be surprised.

Who is the Mission Law Firm?

Perhaps in response to the bad publicity from 60 Minutes, it appears that Tanya Moore has changed the name of her law firm. Or it could just be a coincidence? You will have to make up your mind on that one. But the timing is rather suspicious.

Tanya Moore and her collection of attorneys and professional ADA plaintiffs are now calling themselves the “Mission Law Firm.”

What is the Mission Law Firm’s mission? It does not appear that the name change has been accompanied by any change in focus in the firm’s practice. The Mission Law Firm is still filing plenty of ADA lawsuits all over Northern California.

These ADA lawsuits continue to ravage small businesses throughout the state. Defendants in these cases have to take a careful look at their possible defenses and liability before moving forward with litigation. No matter who is suing, a principled and aggressive approach is required.

I haven’t changed the name of my law firm. I still defend businesses and landowners in these ADA cases. Please feel free to call my firm at (916) 333-2222 if you have any questions about ADA litigation in California.