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ADA Lawsuit Defense

Frivolous ADA lawsuits continue at an astonishing pace in California. I will defend against these shakedown lawsuits and advise you on compliance measures to avoid litigation.

ADA Lawsuits – No End in Sight

Many California businesses are threatened with lawsuits because of alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Unfortunately, these threats rarely contain any supporting evidence of an actual denial of access or injury.

Typically, an ADA demand letter will reference a vague “injury” or “injuries” and will state a demand for thousands of dollars to “settle” the case.

While most businesses want to make their facilities open and convenient for all Californians, these threats of legal action do little to advance the cause of disabled Americans. A cottage industry of professional plaintiffs has emerged that bring these claims repeatedly. Political leaders in Sacramento and in Washington DC have called for reforms of the ADA laws to reign in these actions but not much is actually being done to rein in the abuse.

Bankruptcy Solves Financial Problems

Bankruptcy allows individuals and business owners to get a fresh financial start. There is no need to hide from your creditors and bill collectors. Life happens, and Bankruptcy will protect you in times of need.

Don’t delay. Bankruptcy can provide you with the fresh start that you need. As a Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney, I will fight for you in court to get your debts discharged so that you can move on with your life.


Eliminating or restructuring your debt has never been easier. Let my law firm tackle your financial issues. You will be surprised how easy and cost-effective bankruptcy can be.

Labor & Employment Law

We aggressively fight for the rights of employees in labor and employment matters. No matter the situation, we ensure that employees receive all of the benefits to which they are entitled under the California Labor Code.

Get The Labor & Employment Law Help That You Deserve

We Love Litigating Tough Cases

Lawsuits happen. From disputes over contracts, auto accidents, fights over business property, or employment matters, all kinds of disputes end up in Sacramento courts.

My approach to litigation is based upon aggressive representation of my clients’ interests with an eye towards a reasonable outcome as soon as possible.

Litigation can be both costly and time consuming. A civil trial in California can easily take one to two years to finish. Resolving disputes efficiently and effectively takes a thoughtful and methodical approach from the very start. In litigation, the stakes are too high for anything less.

General Litigation

Are you being sued? Do you need to file your own lawsuit? We have the litigation experience that you need. Our practice takes on litigation cases of all kinds, including business disputes, breaches of contracts, and collections cases. We also accept select injury cases.