ADA Lawsuits

How many people did you sue in November of this year? The answer is more than likely “zero.” However, prolific ADA plaintiff / attorney Scott Johnson has filed seven lawsuits just in this month alone.

These seven lawsuits were all filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California. That is the federal court that covers the Sacramento area along with the central valley and other parts of Northern California.

As an ADA attorney in Sacramento, I watch the federal court docket quite closely for new ADA cases. My law firm likes to know who is doing what in the Sacramento courts, especially as it relates to ADA lawsuits.

Our data shows that most of these ADA lawsuits quickly settle. We can find one Scott Johnson case in the last three years that actually went to trial before a judge. Unfortunately the defendant in that case lost. The parties are now fighting over the amount of attorney’s fees that the defendant is required to pay the plaintiff’s lawyers — a decision is expected in January of 2016.

ADA litigation continues to be a problem for small business owners throughout the Sacramento area. I continue to advise all business and property owners to have their facilities inspected by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) to determine what improvements, if any, are needed. A modest amount of money invested in prevention can save you a substantial amount when you compare with the costs of litigation.

Are you being sued for ADA access issues in Northern California? Please call my office at (916) 333-2222 to discuss your options. Don’t settle until you have talked to an attorney!