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Electric Vehicle Time of Use Meter Law 4745.1

The California Legislature has often supported the electric vehicle industry and owners because of the significant environmental benefits associated with battery cars. Recently, certain lawmakers in Sacramento heard from constituents that certain HOAs were prohibiting the installation of time of use meters and charging stations. Last year, the legislature sought to fix that problem. Time […]

City of Sacramento Understands ADA Compliance

I recently received my “Business Tax Renewal Notice” from the City of Sacramento. Unlike most other jurisdictions, the City of Sacramento does not issue traditional business permits. Instead, the City levies a Business Tax. I can’t tell the difference. But that’s not the point of this blog! The City of Sacramento did something new this […]

Scott Johnson Filed 532 ADA Lawsuits in 2018

Happy New Year! 2019 is going to be a great year, unless you are a small business owner or property owner in Sacramento or the bay area. Why is that? Because Scott Johnson is very likely to sue you in 2019 for ADA violations. The numbers don’t lie. Scott Johnson is a very prolific filer […]

Holiday Schedule 2018

Christmas is almost here! Our office will be closed for Christmas and New Years on the following dates. Christmas: December 24 – 28 New Years: December 31 – January 1 We sincerely hope that everybody has a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

ADA Myth: My Business is Not Open to the Public

One of the largest challenges that I face as an ADA Defense Attorney is that there are numerous myths and misconceptions about ADA compliance. The purpose of this blog post is to discuss one common myth. Only Businesses that are Open to the Public Need to Comply with the ADA The statement above is 100% […]

Scott Johnson Continues Suing in Santa Clara County

Most people know that Scott Johnson is from the Sacramento area. Specifically, Scott Johnson lives in Carmichael, California, a sleepy suburb of Sacramento. But geography does not stop Scott Johnson from filing his ADA lawsuits all over California. Scott Johnson Has Been Very Busy in Santa Clara County As evidenced by this report in the […]

What are Truncated Domes?

ADA compliance guidelines are in constant flux. One example of the ever-adapting rules is truncated domes, also known as tactile paving or detectable warning surfaces. Truncated domes refer to the (often yellow) set of raised bumps on a pathway or platform. Truncated domes alert visually impaired individuals of surface changes and other potential hazards. If […]