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Scott Johnson Continues Suing in Santa Clara County

Most people know that Scott Johnson is from the Sacramento area. Specifically, Scott Johnson lives in Carmichael, California, a sleepy suburb of Sacramento. But geography does not stop Scott Johnson from filing his ADA lawsuits all over California. Scott Johnson Has Been Very Busy in Santa Clara County As evidenced by this report in the […]

What are Truncated Domes?

ADA compliance guidelines are in constant flux. One example of the ever-adapting rules is truncated domes, also known as tactile paving or detectable warning surfaces. Truncated domes refer to the (often yellow) set of raised bumps on a pathway or platform. Truncated domes alert visually impaired individuals of surface changes and other potential hazards. If […]

Who is LVNV Funding LLC?

LVNV Funding LLC is a very large debt buyer and collection agency. If you see LVNV Funding on your credit report, read on to learn more about this company. You Might Owe LVNV Funding Money Never heard of LVNV Funding? Confused because you have never taken out a loan from LVNV Funding? That does not […]

Can a Pro Se Litigant Win Attorney’s Fees?

Regular people can, and do, appear in court all of the time without an attorney. This is very important, because not everybody can afford a lawyer. But can a person representing themselves ask for an award of attorney’s fees? Read on to learn more. What is a Pro Se Litigant? Courts describe self-represented parties as […]

Sued by Kelkris Associates?

Has Kelkris Associates filed a lawsuit against you? You are not alone. Kelkris Associates is a very large debt collector in Fairfield, California. Keep reading to learn more about this debt collector. What is a Debt Collector? A debt collector is a business that uses the legal system to collect old debts. In some cases, the […]


National College Student Loan Trust Lawsuit

I help clients with substantial student loan debt all of the time. Of course, there is nothing wrong with student loans. Financing a reasonably priced good education is a smart life decision. However, what happens when a person defaults on their student loans? And who is the National College Student Loan Trust? Read on to learn […]

Credit Reports Won’t Show Judgments or Liens

Credit reports are changing! A better credit score may be right around the corner. Starting this week, some people will enjoy a credit score increase of up to 20 points. This is because the three major credit bureaus will enforce stricter reporting regulations. What does this mean? Civil judgments and tax liens will vanish from […]

Co-Sign Debt Lawsuit (Don’t do it!)

People often co-sign debts without realizing that there can be severe consequences down the road. For instance, a lender can sue a co-signor if the primary borrower defaults. Read on to learn more about these insidious lawsuits. Co-Signing a Loan is Very Serious Co-signing on a loan for a friend or family member seems like […]

Sued by Credit Bureau Associates?

Credit Bureau Associates is a prolific filer of lawsuits all over California. The company is a debt collector located in Fairfield. Read on to learn more about these lawsuits. Debt Collectors Can File Lawsuits Against Defaulted Debts A debtor collector is someone that tries to enforce a defaulted debt. A debt collector might be working on behalf […]