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Credit Reports Won’t Show Judgments or Liens

Credit reports are changing! A better credit score may be right around the corner. Starting this week, some people will enjoy a credit score increase of up to 20 points. This is because the three major credit bureaus will enforce stricter reporting regulations. What does this mean? Civil judgments and tax liens will vanish from […]

Co-Sign Debt Lawsuit (Don’t do it!)

People often co-sign debts without realizing that there can be severe consequences down the road. For instance, a lender can sue a co-signor if the primary borrower defaults. Read on to learn more about these insidious lawsuits. Co-Signing a Loan is Very Serious Co-signing on a loan for a friend or family member seems like […]

Sued by Credit Bureau Associates?

Credit Bureau Associates is a prolific filer of lawsuits all over California. The company is a debt collector located in Fairfield. Read on to learn more about these lawsuits. Debt Collectors Can File Lawsuits Against Defaulted Debts A debtor collector is someone that tries to enforce a defaulted debt. A debt collector might be working on behalf […]

Lien Removal After Bankruptcy

Lien removal after bankruptcy is a complicated, but important subject. Debtors often discover liens after bankrutpcy. What can a debtor do to get rid of these liens? It depends! Read on for more information. Abstracts of Judgment A creditor can only obtain a judgment against a borrower if the borrower defaults on their debt. A creditor […]

SMUD Collection Defense

Have you recently received a Sacramento Municipal Utility District (“SMUD”) bill for substantially more than you usually owe? If SMUD is alleging that you owe them many thousands of dollars out of the blue, this may be the beginning of a serious legal matter. I have seen clients with SMUD bills in excess of $100,000 […]

Bankruptcy Official Form 423

Did you receive Bankruptcy Official Form 423? Not sure what to do with it? Read on to learn more about this important bankruptcy form. Bankruptcy Courses If you are on the receiving end of Bankruptcy Official Form 423, then it is safe to say that you are in the middle of a bankruptcy. The law requires […]

Sued by Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is one the largest banks in America. Because of their size, Wells Fargo is also one of the largest consumer lenders around. What happens when a consumer stops making payments on a Fargo debt? Read on to find out more. Debt Defaults When a person stops paying a debt, we say that they […]

Partial Relief for Student Loans in Bankruptcy

You probably already know that most student loans survive bankruptcy. What you may not know is that there still is some hope for relief in bankruptcy. Read on to learn more. Educational Loans are Tough to Discharge in Bankruptcy The general rule that most people know is that student loans typically survive a bankruptcy. In other […]

Is Child Support Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is an incredibly useful tool for eliminating debt. However, some debts are not excusable in bankruptcy. Did you know that one such debt is child support? Courts Treat Child Support Differently in Bankruptcy The bankruptcy code defines child support (also known as a Domestic Support Obligation, or DSO) as an automatically non-dischargeable debt. This […]