Most bankruptcy filers are apprehensive about how long their case will last. The good news is that the bankruptcy timeline in Sacramento is probably quicker than you think! Read on to learn more about the timelines for a typical Sacramento Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

The Clock Starts Ticking Once Your Case is Filed

Bankruptcy officially starts when an attorney files a bankruptcy petition with the United States Bankruptcy Court. The court assigns an official case number. The court also assigns a judge and trustee to oversee each case.

The Bankruptcy Court notifies creditors of your case. The Court also assigns various dates and deadlines, including a date for your Meeting of Creditors.

The bankruptcy court in Sacramento typically schedules Meetings of Creditors about 30 days after the filing date.

A Typical Bankruptcy Ends With a Discharge

The primary motivation for most bankruptcy filers is to obtain a discharge. The bankruptcy court will only discharge debts after the case has been fully administered by the trustee.

Creditors are provided with a certain amount of time to object to a bankruptcy filer’s discharge. You can find this deadline on the paperwork that sets the date for the Meeting of Creditors. The court will move forward with the discharge as long as no creditor objects prior to the deadline.

Most Chapter 7 Cases Are Over in About 90 Days

A typical Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Sacramento lasts just three months from start to finish. In just three months, a bankruptcy filer can emerge from bankruptcy debt free!

Careful planning prior to filing ensures that your case will proceed smoothly. Cases that aren’t over in 90 days typically result from sloppy mistakes on paperwork or not following court instructions.

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