There are quite a few courthouses in Sacramento. But where is the Bankruptcy Court Sacramento? Read on to find out more.

Bankruptcy is Federal Law

Most people do not realize that bankruptcy is a federal legal proceeding. In fact, this means that federal law governs all bankruptcy cases. This is the reason that you will not find any bankruptcy courtrooms in a state courthouse.

This is not to say that state law does not come into play in a bankruptcy case. State laws come up all of the time in bankruptcies. However, at the end of the day, federal law prevails.

The bankruptcy code authorizes only federal judges to hear bankruptcy matters. Because of this, the judge assigned to each bankruptcy case is a federal, not state, judge.

Bankruptcy Court Sacramento

The Eastern District of California is the federal judicial district that covers the Sacramento area. In fact, Sacramento, Redding, Modesto, and Fresno all house bankruptcy courthouses.

The address for the Sacramento Bankruptcy Court is 501 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. The building is called the Robert T. Matsui United States Courthouse. Congress named the building after Robert T. Matsui, a Congressman that represented the Sacramento area in Congress for many years.

Parts of the Bankruptcy Court

The bankruptcy court has spread its functions throughout several floors of the Matsui building. For this reason, you will want to take time to learn where to go in the courthouse.

Bankruptcy Courtrooms. There are five bankruptcy courtrooms at the Sacramento bankruptcy court. You can find the courtrooms on the sixth and seventh floors.

Hearing Rooms for Meetings of Creditors. You can find the hearing rooms for Meetings of Creditors on the seventh floor. This is where most people interact with a bankruptcy trustee in a typical case.

Clerk’s Office. The third floor is the home of the clerk’s office. Here, you can pay your filing fee or obtain copies of documents.

Pro Se Help Desk. The pro se help desk is located on the third floor, adjacent to the clerk’s office.