United States Courthouse

Sacramento – In an important ruling, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California ruled against serial ADA attorney Jason Singleton and his client.

Mr. Singleton, infamous in Northern California for his relentless pursuit of small businesses like the iconic Squeeze Inn burger restaurant in Drive-by lawsuits, filed a lawsuit under a federal immigration contract (known as a I-864) against Sacramento resident Gary Lee.

Despite the obscurity and rarity of Mr. Singleton’s lawsuit, he attempted to bully Mr. Lee. When Mr. Lee refused to back off, Mr. Singleton continued his lawsuit against Mr. Lee.

“After several failed attempts to convince Mr. Singleton of his flawed lawsuit against me, I decided that Mr. Singleton was not going to back down,” commented defendant Gary Lee. That’s when I contacted Sacramento attorney Rick Morin to deal with Mr. Singleton for me.

Attorney Rick Morin, on behalf of Mr. Lee, successfully asked the Court to dismiss the case brought by Mr. Singleton.

“Gary Lee bravely stood up for his legal rights and refused to settle. This judgment is a testament to the power of the individual and the idea that law-abiding citizens can live without the fear of frivolous lawsuits filed against them,” said Rick Morin.

In Yaguil vs. Lee, the plaintiff filed a complaint asking the Court to force Mr. Lee to pay monetary support in the I-864 lawsuit. In deciding the case in favor of Mr. Lee, the Court stated that the plaintiff raised the same issue in state court and lost. Because the case had already been litigated, the Court found that the Plaintiff was barred from filing the same type of claim in a Federal District Court.

Yaguil v. Lee is case number 14-CV-00110.

Please contact Rick Morin if you have any questions about Yaguil v. Lee or I-864 lawsuits. Rick’s office can be reached at (916) 333-2222.