California State Capital

I have been watching Assembly Bill 150 since Assembly Member Assembly Member Devon Mathis introduced the bill.

AB 150 would provide some badly needed reform to California’s ADA laws.

Unfortunately, AB 150 did not make it very far. A brief history is in order: Assembly Member Assembly Member Mathis introduced AB 150 January 10, 2017. The bill was referred to the Assembly Committee on Judiciary where it immediately received a frosty reception.

The Assembly Judiciary Committee has been very hostile to ADA reform legislation for years. The committee treated AB 150 no differently.

Members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted 3 to 6 to pass the bill. This means that the bill did not advance from the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

As you can see, the bill did not make it out of its first policy committee. The very liberal California Legislature apparently does not want to help reform this area of that law despite ample evidence of professional ADA mills abusing the law solely for profit.

Until the California Legislature passes meaningful ADA reform, these abusive lawsuits will continue. As such, business owners and landowners cannot expect legislative relief to these problems.

If you own a business or rent space to commercial tenants, you must take immediate action to ensure that your property fully complies with the ADA. Failing to act will almost surely result in a lawsuit.

I represent business owners and landowners throughout the State of California in ADA lawsuits. Please contact me at (916) 333-2222 if you have been served with an ADA lawsuit or ADA demand letter.