Has Kelkris Associates filed a lawsuit against you? You are not alone. Kelkris Associates is a very large debt collector in Fairfield, California. Keep reading to learn more about this debt collector.

What is a Debt Collector?

A debt collector is a business that uses the legal system to collect old debts.

In some cases, the debt collector acts on behalf of the original creditor.

In other cases, the debt collector purchased the debt from another creditor. That means that the collector owns the account. They also have the right to take any action on the account. Because the account usually is old and difficult to collect, the debt collector will only pay pennies on the dollar to acquire the account.

Who is Kelkris Associates?

Kelkris Associates is a prolific filer of lawsuits all over Northern California. This debt collector buys up delinquent accounts and files lawsuit against the borrowers.

In the vast majority of cases, the borrower never shows up to defend the lawsuit. These cases end in a “default judgment” against the borrower. The debt collector can then garnish wages, levy bank accounts, and even put liens on houses.

What to do if You are Sued by Kelkris Associates

In many cases, a defendant does not find out about a Kelkris Associates lawsuit until well after it is over. This is because Kelkris Associates does not always personally serve the defendant with legal papers. While the courts will allow this under certain circumstances, it is nonetheless a bad business practice.

You should immediately contact an attorney if you have been sued by Kelkris Associates. This is true too if you recently found out about an old lawsuit. Time is of the essence, and even a small delay may result in serious consequences.

Consumer attorneys have many tools at their disposal to beat debt collectors in court. But timing is very important. Don’t delay!