Credit Bureau Associates is a prolific filer of lawsuits all over California. The company is a debt collector located in Fairfield. Read on to learn more about these lawsuits.

Debt Collectors Can File Lawsuits Against Defaulted Debts

A debtor collector is someone that tries to enforce a defaulted debt. A debt collector might be working on behalf of the original creditor. But a debt collector might have also purchased the debt (usually at a discount). In that case, the debtor collector is said to “hold” the debt for themselves.

A debt collector can collect the full value of an account even if the collector purchased it at a discount. In fact, a collector stands in the shoes of the original creditor. A debt collector has all of the same rights as the original creditor.

Credit Bureau Associates Often Sues

Not everyone voluntarily repays debts that they owe. This is especially true when a debt collector is invovled. In those situations, collectors can file lawsuits to try to recover the debt.

Credit Bureau Associates files lawsuits all over California. In fact, Credit Bureau Associates have sued many of my bankruptcy clients. Often times they are pursuing very old accounts. These cases can force people into bankruptcy. Aggressive collection tactics can have a ruinous effect on a person’s livelihood.

You Must Take Immediate Action If You Are Sued

Do not ignore notice of a lawsuit! California law requires a plaintiff to serve legal paperwork on a defendant in a lawsuit. This is to make sure that a defendant has actual notice of the lawsuit.

However, plaintiffs don’t always ensure that defendants receive adequate notice of a lawsuit. Sometimes plaintiffs will mail documents to the debtor’s last known address. Occasionally, a person facing a lawsuit will receive solicitations from other attorneys.

In any event, a defendant facing a lawsuit needs to take immediate acting. Failing to act will result in a judgment, wage garnishments, and bank levies.

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