Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer Rick MorinHave you been sued by Midland Funding LLC? You are probably wondering who they are. You are also probably wondering why they are suing you. Read on for the details.

Midland Funding LLC is a Debt Buyer

If you received a summons and complaint from Midland Funding LLC, it is safe to say that you once had a debt that you stopped paying for. Midland Funding bought up that debt from the original creditor. And now they are suing you to try to recover money from you.

What to do if you are Sued by Midland Funding LLC

First, don’t panic. Also, don’t ignore the lawsuit. Midland Funding LLC almost hopes that you ignore the lawsuit and don’t put up a fight. If you ignore the lawsuit, you will lose automatically. Midland Funding LLC likes this because it makes winning a judgment in court easier.

You can respond to the lawsuit by filing an “answer” in the court. This will make Midland Funding LLC prove their case to the court if they want to win. You might be able to file the answer on your own, but you may need the help of an attorney. The answer is a formal legal pleading, not just a letter. If you don’t follow the appropriate procedures, your answer won’t be accepted by the court.

You may consider hiring an attorney to help you fight the lawsuit. This makes sense if Midland Funding LLC is suing you for a substantial amount of money. Each case is different, so it makes sense to talk to a lawyer as soon as you receive notice of the lawsuit.

What to do if you find out about the Midland Funding LLC too late

You only have a certain amount of time to respond to the lawsuit once you are served with the initial legal papers. However, not everybody is personally served with the papers. Especially for people that move often, you might not hear about the judgement until years after the lawsuit was filed.

It is possible to try to reverse a judgement, especially if you can prove that Midland Funding LLC didn’t take the appropriate steps to locate you at the beginning. This is called “setting aside” a judgement. However, you will definitely need to consult with an attorney because the procedures are complicated.

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