ARAG Legal PlansA good portion of my clients are state employees in Sacramento. And a big portion of these clients have ARAG legal insurance to help with their legal bills. Read on to know more about this great program.

ARAG Helps Pay Your Legal Bills

Insurance, whether it be car insurance, medical insurance, or even legal insurance, helps cover unexpected large financial commitments. ARAG insurance is specifically geared towards making access to lawyers cost effective for its members.

ARAG plans cover some or all of the member’s legal bills for certain types of law. I have found that their coverage is very fair and easy to utilize.

How to get Started with ARAG

The first thing an ARAG member needs to do is to call ARAG and start a claim. This will tell the member what, if any, coverage they have for their legal need. Each plan is different, so it is important to check with ARAG regarding coverage early on.

After the member confirms coverage, the ARAG member needs to meet with a qualified attorney that accepts the insurance. My office proudly accepts ARAG members into our practice.

After an ARAG member retains my law firm, my office bills ARAG directly for attorney’s fees in most cases. ARAG requires that the members pay for their own filing fees and costs. The good news there is that we have options to help spread out these costs to make filing for bankruptcy easy.

ARAG Insurance and Bankruptcy

I have found that most insurance plans provided by state agencies and departments cover the attorney’s fees in full. This is true for both Chapter 7 and the initial Chapter 13 attorney fees.

Some plans have a 6-month waiting period for bankruptcy coverage. Not all plans have this requirement. Again, it is important to check with your legal insurance provider once you know that you want to meet with a bankruptcy attorney.

Please contact my office at (916) 333-2222 to discuss your bankruptcy options. We gladly accept ARAG legal insurance as a part of our Better Bankruptcy package.